hi, I am alive and well”, I had an entire row of seats to myself! Slept really well, had dinner, breakfast, dinner between 18hours of flying…….it was perfect timing in ALL regards!

life in thailand is DIFFERENT and interesing, crowded and dirty, and in some ways wholesome and still innocent – and this is not just a projection….Perhaps it’s because I don’t really know – but I suspect that they are not overwhelmed with constant messages of fear, doom and gloom that is constantly being portrayed in the US media; this is actually one of the benefits of traveling – unplugging from the constant barrage of images, ideas, beliefs etc of how we are shown to see the world. Not only this but it is good to see how the rest of the world views life, how they move and express their lives – different than ours – slower and in lots of ways more balanced. The Thais are such a peaceful gentle people. Buddhist monks carryng their begging bowls walking down the street, orange clad, along side the rush of tuk tuks, crazy bus drivers and merchants selling their goods tightly together on the edge of all this humanity.

I moved hotels yesterday, closer to the fun part of the city – Khoasan Road – not ON khoasan – and slept from 2 pm till 10pm! I awoke at 10pm and was ready to go! – I think it’s going to take my body some time to adjust – especially since i keep sleeping LA time!

Thai Land is just as interesting as I remember before and somehow even more so; I am happy to be here – my soul is smiling pleasantly that as my sister said ” I am closer to home” I think she thinks of India as being my other home – little does she know that “love/hate” dynamic that I feel being there. I am smiling pleasantly because I am “free to move about the planet”!I’ve already seen so many sights, had one very interesting conversation with two canadian guys who travel every year to thailand and nepal (who were able to give me LOADS of great info on Kathmandu – by the way, they said that where I am going is completely safe and nothing to worry about. That most of the trouble is in western Nepal.On that note, the same holds true for Thailand,) and as usual, lIfe is asian countries where you barter for EVERYTHING, I have already paid too much a few times for most everything – but I just laugh – a definite learning curve!

Today I am off to get a visa to India, a ticket to kathmandu and buy a camera…….

Ok. interesting………………looking forward to getting to kathmandu………, if I stayed too here long the smog would kill me! I am already thinking to buy clear glasses just to protect my eyes from the smut. and soot. It’s unfortunate that along with all the electronics, foods, style, etc that they have imported from the west -they have not imported SMOG CONTROLS – I can’t imagine what the asthma rate is here! And most are completely unfazed!

Ok, enough for the moment.

later -p


Come back with
lots of energy, stories, practices, ideas, enthusiasm
and enough enlightment to generously saw around! Take
pictures, make friends, keep us posted and find enough
of what you seek. Savour the colours, sounds, aromas
and all else that is so precious and transient.”

Nice -p

I am……………..Off to Bangkok, this sunday Sept 10 on a VERY cheap flight!……picking up a visa, then off to Kathmandu! IF you have any suggestions of what I could see and do while I am in that part of the world, please let me know!

FYI: I have willed all of my worldly possession to all of you, thus if I should pass from this wonderful blue ball my lawyer will be sending each of you a check, after taxes, surcharges, interstate fees, penalties, interstate excise tax, and for some of you, code violations, in the amount of $3.85 approximately. Don’t spend it all in one place – on second thought – if you find a place where you can spend in one place, perhaps you should.

I will be in touch…Hopefully on the road.

Hope this blog finds you all well and happy!

Love – Paula

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