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I am……………..Off to Bangkok, this sunday Sept 10 on a VERY cheap flight!……picking up a visa, then off to Kathmandu! IF you have any suggestions of what I could see and do while I am in that part of the world, please let me know!

FYI: I have willed all of my worldly possession to all of you, thus if I should pass from this wonderful blue ball my lawyer will be sending each of you a check, after taxes, surcharges, interstate fees, penalties, interstate excise tax, and for some of you, code violations, in the amount of $3.85 approximately. Don’t spend it all in one place – on second thought – if you find a place where you can spend in one place, perhaps you should.

I will be in touch…Hopefully on the road.

Hope this blog finds you all well and happy!

Love – Paula


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