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When I was a child it rarely crossed my mind to settle down, get a career, marry, retire and then do allllll the magical things that money could buy once I was old enough to be unable to do, or want to do, most of them. I saw this scheme or should I say, this diabolical plot to steal my youth as a direct affront to my intelligence and frankly didn’t understand why others didn’t see the same onerous path they were likewise put apon. Dangerous, to say the least!

So, after high school while all my fellow friends went off to college and university – I worked for a year, saved my money and traveled the world for almost a year. I was unsure of the kinds of gilded edges that my friends college education was bestoying apon them or to what heights of self awareness they were revealing. But I knew that traveling provided me with a new vision that was fresh and a vision that broke thru my conditioning to show me, not only, who I could become as a person, developing as an individual being with a storehouse of qualities and capacities to reaveal, but who I could be – in the world, as a participant in this beautiful mystery- not just a “worker” or employee but as a co-contributor in everything I engage – NOT being “something” rather, being somebody at every moment.

I have traveled in perhaps a dozen coutries, staying a week here, a month there – or perhaps 6 months! I have lived in a few different states and have worked in professions that have enriched my experience for understanding the bounds of our humanity, our suffering and our deternination to strive for a life free of pain. Of which, we often fail to realize, is an unovoidable by product of our striving for pleasure (which is a subject all its own)

NOW at 40; twenty years of travels and lifes experiences later……a new chapter begins to unfold……before my eyes………………………I’ll be watching and writing and you are welcome to join me -P


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