Last post from Bangkok!

Yesterday afternoon I sauntered back to my hotel for a quick shower, to once again head back out within 10 minutes, but within the time it took me to change and shower it had begun to rain. And Rain, and rain. I sat at a table in the hotels outdoor restaurant and watched and waited for the rain to stop – it was too early to rain! And waited. It POURED sheets, and thunder and lighting. Birds were perched on chairs near me waiting for a break to fly away! No, break was coming!

The little restaurant has a 9 inch concrete slab surrounding it from the accompanying driveway and further away, the city street. As I sat at one table, the water started to slowly surround my feet, I was soo busy mezmerized and taking pictures that I hadn’t noticed!
I moved to a table further back, closer to the restaurant itself. About 10 minutes later……….I had to move again -water was beginning to overflow the concrete barrier at the other end of the hotel -which began to flow – towards the restaurant where I was sitting.

Then I begin to see people carrying their belongings assisted by hotel staff – from the lower floors, which we flooding from the ground, to higher rooms.

Finally the entire area where I had been sitting for the past 45 minutes was flooded! Water was only up to the top of the soles of my sandals – but THAT water my friends is NOT the water you want ANYWHERE near your body! So, I stood on the flight of stairs for a while watching the waters rise! And RISE!
The water had not yet breached the 9 in barrier where I was sitting but it had from another direction.

I resigned myself to my room, then a meal and then by the time I went downstairs again to assess the situation the entire lower floor of the building, the restaurant, the reception area – were in over two feet of water; ugly, dark water – which had a few fish swiming in it!

A few of us – a few aussies, Norwegan, English and German sat talking. One of them who’d been coming for the past 15 years had never seen that much water fall in 1 and 1/2 hours – that’s how long it took to flood the entire place!

This morning………..all dried up! or bailed out! Amazing! In case of a repeat I dashed off this morning to complete some errands and of course, sit at starbucks for a spell reading etc!

By the time I was heading back in the taxi from the bank – it starting POURING all over again! By 2 pm I was a hostage in my hotel! So, I took a nap, ate lunch and then finally after the rain stopped I hailed a motorcycle taxi to take me from my hotel to this internet place! Too much water to cross by foot! Not to mention – bacteria etc!

On that note, I see the sky’s darkening yet again. It’s about “that time of the day”! The guys at the hotel told me we may be in for a repeat of last night because all the local waterways are full to capacity!

Life in Thailand. Life as usual ? – just more wet!

I must dash! – love p