After spending time in the landscape of an environment not easily expressible wtih words, walking amongst throngs of people, taxis, buses, cars, motorcycles, bicyles, rikshaws (people powered “taxi”), roaming cows, mangy dogs in streets no wider than a small back alley, and amongst a people light and grounded in all this, makes me humbled and grateful beyond imagining for the opportunity to live in such an AWESOME country as the USA! (Understanding of course that we have our own issues)

This has invariably always been one of the greatest values to my wanderings…………remembering how blessed each and every one of us are to have been born in the USA! I could go on and on about the oppenness, the spirit etc etc etc.but I would bore myself – and perhaps one or two of you…(you know who you are…. Sylvia…)

So, recent pictures show different aspects of the preparation for the yearly festival where they celebrate Shiva – the god of creation and destruction. I believe they are celebrating the destructive aspect of Shiva in the form of Kali thus explains why each family has to buy a goat for the celebration and eat it over the week long festivities! These pics show different stages of the procurement of the goat, which is done on the side of the roads where the goat herders gather to make the bulk of their yearly income over a few days stretch . I had one really cool picture of the goat in between 2 men on a motorcycle, not uncommon, which unfortunately came out blury. But you’ll see a few standing tied to the top of large city buses! And others where the goat is giving his new owner a difficult time. And a smatering of other pictures of country life, work and scenery! And of course – clouds and sky.

I am also including several photos of homemade kites that dot the sky line of Kathmandu as far as the eyes can see, virtually, hundereds every day! It MUST be a national pasttime – because it’s daily you can hear near and far in the distance (mostly) boys shouting from their rooftops every time one loses thier kite or gets bumped off by another kite! Soon after another is flying where that one once was!!! Often, as many kites are flying suspended by their owner are equally as many wafting high in the different jet streams ..above!


Many of the photos were taken with my new Olympus while riding in a bus from Pokhra back to Kathmandu! Notice how clear and focused they are! I LOVE my new toy!

Wellh, as many of you already know…………..I will be home earlier than planned, but planned for! My “spidey” or was it my “bat” sense told me that perhaps something would go awry -though my visa – was the LAST thing I had anticipated! It’s all good and I am happy I came! Though it is just shy of 1 month it feels as if I have been gone – several and experience has seeped into my bones!

Wellh, my family and friends, the days of your living vicariously thru me, as I venture out to distant lands and exotic locals, I believe, have officially come to an end! Yes, I believe the “poisionous” venom of the “travel bug” has finally worked it’s way out of my body completely thus the desire to hurl my body thru time and space has, alas, dissipated!

But alas, not to despair – just because exotic locals are not on my radar screen for the near future – DOES NOT MEAN that I will cease to be exotic!!!!!!!

This has been fun!

Hope this note finds everyone dangling precariously between joy and laughter – just because life is dangerous and none of us get out alive!

Big smiles and kisses – Love -p