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So, about photos! What an absolute challenge it has been! YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!!!!!! This is what I have figured out! I am directing you to my yahoo photos page where I have created a photo album!!!! Thailand and then Nepal! I discovered this to be much easier than figuring out how to work with the blog page – sorry.


Pokhra……has been incredible! I have taken lots of photos…….been having sooooo much fun with my digital camera! The Himalayas are breathtaking……….and I can tell you now………photos DO NOT capture their Magnificence!!!!! But I tried!

Two days ago I went on a short trek – very short and had to stop a lot! The altitude, the air, the incline…..I spent the night in a “hotel” in a tiny village 1595 meters in the mountains! Besides the fact that the “hotel” had A LOT to be desired the views were breathtaking! To tell you how on the edge we were – there was a landslide that is slowly taking the “hotel” down the mountain; the next monsoon may finally take it away! See photos like being on the edge of the world! That short day hike confirmed the fact that I would not enjoy the 8 hour a day trekking that people do into the heart of the Himalayas! The guide that was with me the two days told me that the treks are at steeper inclines and many people get sick or turn back because of altitude sickness!

I have enjoyed the company of Israelies, Swiss, German and one American; lots and lots of Israelies everywhere

Anyway, life is good. India is now officially off the radar due to the craziness of not being able to get a visa! I still CAN’T BELIEVE IT! But I take it as a sign from the universe that India is NO LONGER AN OPTION for now!

I am thinking of other options since I am in this part of the world……perhaps I will take a short visit in Taiwan – see where my sneekers are made and my watch and my cell phone! Take a factory tour………you know – fascinating stuff like that!!!!

Today went to a Tibetan settlement and said a few prayers going round and round a very large prayer wheel; didn’t think to take a photo? Hm?

I hope this note finds everyone splendidly enjoying moments and everything in between!!!!!!

Love- paula