One of the major differences that I have noticed here unlike the states, and I am speaking of the east in general, is the hopefullness of the future. I look and see the economies in these countries booming, the middle class expanding, US multinational corporations coming in and opening up shop, and industry and production…etc. Last night I heard a very interesting news report out of Germany that pointed out the US expanding economic boom and record breaking corporate profits….yes, last night. Then I think, why do we see it soo differently. The dwindling middle class, the separation between the haves and have nots, the medical insurance crisis…………….and I wonder………..what are we being told? What are we being told? What kind of reality about the nature of our economy and the “sacrifices” we have to make, will have to make, that are based on nothing more than creating more profit for large corporations and the dwindling resources for our average american. Not only now but in the furture. Anyway, I got this link at my email address and thought that I would share an alternative perspective about the nature of war and the face of the war makers.

I guess the bottom line is that – I want us to know – the rest of the world is doing really well. Is looking toward a future that includes universal health care, real retirement benefits, infrastructure that is state of the art 20th century!

I believe we are being dooped – in a BIG way……..we are being trained to accept less than is the hope and destiny of our heritage and we should be pissed!

Ok, I have a Tibetan Lama waiting for this computer! Feel the pressure have to run!

Pokhra tomorrow!