Beautiful…………….almost as I imagine ShanGriLa ……with slightly less dirt, traffic, pollution and people..but the land itself, the air, the sky, the feeling in the air…………it is quite magical! It does feel as if I have entered a different realm……….or it could be altitude sickness! I’ll let you know in a few days!

The computer connection here is dial-up and I have already lost a longer message, thus i will keep this short.

I love reading everyones responses. Crystal I hope your delivery is as smooth and effortless as is possible! And I will look forward to hearing your progress! Let me know what you have(not that it really matters, just as long is there is life and limb!)

Today I am checking into flights to Pokhra, which is a village at the base of the Himalaya; my original intention was to take a bus to see the sights along the way but after many discussions with many longtime travelers that say that “if I want to risk my life with the buses – along dirt roads that wind perilously besides 1000ft cliffs drops, driven by 19 year old boys who think they are immortal, then it is an adventure, it is better to pay for the 20 minute flight; and the views are just as stunning!” Fine, too many people were repeating the same thing! I figure a few more years on this blue ball would be a good thing!

Hope everyone is well and happy…………..p

Ps: I have figured out how to download photos but with dial-up it will take an eternity! smiles….