Ok, so this is the scoop……..I didn’t download any yet! A) because I don’t know how to make the pixel level smaller B) no one in Thailand appears to understand what the heck I am trying to do! If any of you know – definitely write me! If I download them the way they are now it will take ages to both download and to view! Eghads! Hopefully soon!

While I write I will say this! Age, my friends, has caught up with me! I am laughing! Not just the tell tale signs of taking taxis instead of buses and tuk tuks – although these I wil do for shorter distances – or getting hotel rooms with air conditioning and hot water, which is more expensive as a ‘budget traveler” – granted, the last thing you want in t-land is a hot shower! Or, that I think 2, 3 sometimes 4 times before I actually eat from a street vendor; which I did the other night with the french women -but only after I found out they had eaten there the night before and were still alive to talk about it! No, my friends, it’s even more telling than all of these. Sit down, it is a little devastating….or perhaps I am just sooo over temples ……so, today I went to this 650 year old temple that juts out the skyline of this little city- the shapes so distinctly eatern – like candy for the eyes, anyways……so, after climbing up very steep stairs to the top once inside there are equally as steep stairs going down -I am talking verticle!

This canadian guy and I were walking around together at this temple and I let him go down first and tell me what was down there! After he reported back, ” just a small room, with no exit” I decided that was all i need to know. I wasn’t about to go down there! 10, 20 years ago I would have been down those damn steps to see for myself! I am just smiling……………..I like getting older…this same young guy climbed back up those steps after my hat that I had left at the top – it’s not all bad getting older!

It’s been very wonderfu to get out of Bangkok. Authaya is much much much smaller I am one of perhaps 5 people staying at my hotel. The city is very clean and fresh and the people definitely more happy than in Bangkok – Today I rented a motor scooter from my hotel and have had a blast driving it all over this small city! People are ” staying back” when they see this white chick riding around – really great AND a great way to cool down after walking all over temples!

I’ve lost inches already, don’t know how much longer my long hair will survive – the temptation is overwhelming to chop it alll of – sooo hot!

I can’t believe I have been gone only a week. Feels like soo long already!

Ok, I am off to meet that Canadian guy at Tony’s Guesthouse for dinner – best food for our western sensitivities – last night I went to the outdoor market -the only thing I can say is that we have such a sterile culture! I could go on and on about the comparisons!

bye for now……glad to know some of you are liking this blog idea! love -p