Yesterday, I thought I might take the river boat from one end to the other, which I did….but inbetween after speaking with a helpful Thai man, who’s english professor was american he summarily decided my days events should include a tour of all the major buddhist temples because “it is a buddhist holiday and a very good day to get good luck”. Well, who am I to say no to good luck! At which point he hailed the neareast tuk tuk, which I had discernly decided against using as a means of transportation, because of the soot from the smog which feels as if it sticks to your skin like a fly paper.

Anyways, how could I say no and after he mapped out my entire route! I only ended up going to 3 temples which was my limit but if I had gone to Wat Po only, it would have been enough. This is the temple that has an enourmous buddha lying on its side. It was built 180 years ago. OH MY GOD! It’s massive! I was awed, breathless, – inceredbible. Words obviously do nothing………..At all temples I donated some money for 3 incensce sticks and a candle whereapon I wafted the incense in the air and lit the candle, wishing peace and happiness for all sentient beings and then put them on the alter in front of the buddha.

Needless to say, I also took a few side trips with my tuk tuk driver to two outlet jewelery empouriums under the guise that if I go and stay for 10 minutes he will get a free gas voucher, which by the way, is only 00.83 cents a gallon! He was with me for over an hour, driving all over kingdom com and he charged me 50 baht – or roughly translated $1.50.

After he dropped me at the pier to catch the river taxi!

Here are the some pictures. So far I have met some very fun people. An austrailian guy who looked Rashtafarian who had been away from home more than a year and a half – mid 30’s. We had breakfast together. Very interesting guy – wild and untamed but very smart and curious…….I wish I took a photo!

I also had another breakfast with a young Serbian man who is in Thai land doing his IT internship and now is traveling before he goes back home; he loves New York.

Yesterday I met a french couple at Wat Po and we ended up having dinner together and lively discussions about europe, politics life etc They are two women who have been together for 8 years and this is their last big vacation before they settle down to have a baby.

I’ve also met a smattering of other fun people a few americans and a very funny Irish kid who just cracked me up!

Ok, this is all for now. I am off to the former capitol of Thailand for the next few days a two hour train ride away.


PS: I’ll have to upload more photos later, after I learn how to make their pixel smaller!